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Front End (Wordpress) Developer

Crucial skill sets:

  • Translate a provided design in to a working website
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP
  • A good understanding of Wordpress's functions and use of Advanced Custom Fields for legacy websites as most websites are custom coded using ACF
  • Ability to make sites responsive to device sizes
  • Custom Woocommerce templates (alongside the above would be best)
  • Custom coded HTML Campaign emails for Campaign Monitor and occassionally self send outs (similar to MailChimp)
  • Update and create email signatures in simple HTML for clients

Admirable, but not required, skill sets:

  • Source control I.E. with Bitbucket or Github etc...
  • Use of Bootstrap for responsive layouts
  • Use of other template building Wordpress plugins such as Revolutionary slider, Visual Composer and/or customising premium Wordpress themes would be a bonus for future developments
  • Use of other CMS platforms
  • Use of frameworks such as LESS, SCSSS or SASS
  • Ability to create animations/transitions upon rollover, mouse move or scroll etc (parallax, deferred content that fades in etc...) hand coded or javascript library
  • Understanding of making fast loading webpages utilising coding practices, plugins, image compression tools etc...

We're happy to offer a very competitive salary for the right person. Apply via e mail to simon.clubley@thewowfactory.co.uk with a CV and cover letter.


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