WHO ARE WE? And what are we about?

Unconventionally TRADITIONAL

Formed in 2007 by Managing Director (official title: Chap) Simon Clubley, Creative Director Emma Reynolds and Security Consultant Molly, The Wow Factory is a fully integrated creative, design, digital and strategic agency.

We serve prestigious clients across the south east of England, London, the wider UK and exotic locations such as Morocco, Granada, New York and Hull.

At Wow you'll find experienced creatives, strategists, writers, coders, organisers, three-legged dogs, managers and coffee-brewers. But beyond our job titles you'll find what we really are is a collective of inquisitive minds. We're conversationalists and big personalities with years of experience between us.

We could say that we 'deliver effective solutions' and 'forge engagement and loyalty between brands and audiences'. We could say we 'build collaborative relationships with clients to meet their commercial agendas'. But see enough of that kind of jargon (read: bullsh*t), and it loses all meaning doesn't it? You've probably seen hundreds of agency websites and they've become a well-meaning but homogenous blur.

What we will say is this: We're fun, we're effective, and we're up-front. We approach every client with a completely fresh pair of eyes with no pre-conceptions or hidden agenda on our part. We work to agreed deadlines, and meet them. We offer honesty and transparency, and we love pub lunches.

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