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Managing Director
Founder, managing director and mustachioed face of the business. Before Wow, Simon headed up Sales at the Kent Messenger, and brings the same loud-mouthed braggadocio to agency life. Simon is possessed of a keen understanding of the media world, heaps of affability, an over-helping of self-confidence and a misguided belief that he knows a thing or two about rugby and cricket.

Creative Director
Emma co-founded The Wow Factory with Simon after joining him from the KM. She has been the leading creative mastermind behind much of Wow's best-looking and most memorable work. She liaises directly with many of our clients: a true rarity for Creative Directors among modern agencies.

Another petrolhead, and affectionately known as Calamari the intrepid squid. Calum combines a corruscatingly good eye for design, alongside a big engine i.e. work ethic! Nothing is ever too much trouble for Calamari, who like Luca Brasi swims with the fishes. Unfailingly polite, and prompt we predict great things from him in the future.

Website Developer
The nice boy of the operation, Lewis is just too dilligent, too pleasant and far too nice really. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he is dedicated to his girlfriend and her son, his only vice is cars and a booming soundtrack. His front-end coding is a legend in the making, apposite speedy and ultra accurate. All hail Lewis the front end website Merlin.

CGI Specialist

CGI Specialist

Content Manager
A chip off the old block, Charlotte has started her career with every intention of outdoing her old man in every facet. Her KPI’s are merely a tiny object in the rear window of her speeding charisma. She simply thrives on finding intricate and creative ways of illuminating her clients social media presence.

Office Manager
Beversden really is a force of nature, she rules with a fist of iron, a steely gaze and a formidable reputation for extracting blood from a stone. The office manager ensures that the agency software is maintained, and that the tricky business of paying suppliers is managed on time- every time.

When Alexander discovered we were looking for a copywriter, his strategy was apparently just to lurk until we got so accustomed to his considerable presence that people started asking him to make the tea. Bossman Simon physically threw him out twice, but then Alex started sleeping on the doorstep until we let him back in. Luckily, it turns out Alex can actually string ten words together pretty well, so we hired him!

Security Consultant
Molly is our resident security consultant. Her enthusiasm for her job varies day-to-day, but she can never be accused of being lax when it comes to monitoring the activities of the postman. Often she will be the other side of the house when she hears the door open, and by the time she arrives to see off the stranger they'll already be sitting down and halfway through a meeting. Despite her yipping and yapping, though, it's never long before she makes herself at home on the sofa to listen in and receive her compensation in belly rubs.

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