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Westerhall Rum

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Brand Development

Branding, website, advertising, marketing, packaging

Westerhall is an award-winning Grenadian rum. Our friend Nick Kingsman was a big fan of it from his trips to the beautiful Caribbean island, and wanted to introduce it to the UK.

On taste tests, it excelled. In competition, it won. And yet it still wasn’t making the splash he wanted. For that reason, he came to Wow in early 2015 and offered us a blank slate to re design the look, feel and sound of the brand from the ground up to appeal to the UK market.

After throwing around some ideas, we decided to take a step away from the naval and marine-based tendencies of other popular rums, and concentrate on what made Westerhall really special – its Grenadian heritage. We created a brand look, new labels, a new website and a distributor pitch document to reflect the Grenadian way of life, and in particular the carnival.

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